Custodian of Five Oaks, an Historic Massillon Landmark on the National Register of Historic Places

Tax returns and financial statements are on file for public viewing.  Call 330-833-1068 for an appointment.

Restoration projects are on-going, roof repairs are an annual expense and the new boiler has produced more heat, but pushed the old pipes beyond their limits.  The estimate for the list of pending repairs and maintenance exceeds $750,000.  Please consider making a donation or joining the Foundation to help in the preservation of this beautiful, historic Massillon treasure.  Your financial support is greatly appreciated.  Click on Membership to make a donation or become a member.

The Massillon Heritage Foundation  was formed in 1976 and is governed by a board of trustees.  Its main focus is the preservation of Five Oaks.  Five Oaks was deeded to the Foundation from the Massillon Woman's Club when preservation projects and expenses became too burdensome. As a charitable, non-profit organization, the Foundation is eligible for local, state and federal grants.  Other funding, some of which is tax-deductible, comes from memberships, special events, local capital campaigns and tourism.

Board of Trustees
President - David Darnell
First Vice President - Michael Thompson
Secretary - Lorie Pedro
Treasurer - Nancy Welch
Eugene Feller
Elizabeth Fink
Edward Hare
Margaret Haunty
Fred Horner
John Patrick Picard
Mary Ann Poling
Douglas Scheetz
Linda Tarle
Nancy Thatcher
Rhonda Warren

Massillon Woman's Club President

Damage to the second floor hallway ceiling caused by roof leaks.