Custodian of Five Oaks, an Historic Massillon Landmark on the National Register of Historic Places

Carved stone lions decorate the entrance and roof and the theme, a favorite of Schweinfurth, is carried into the home.  The tower at the southwest corner of the house is three stories and accommodates the parlor, master bedroom and men's card room, depending on the floor.

On April 23, 1973, the building was placed on the National Register of Historic Sites.  It truly is a magnificent structure and well worth preserving.

Extensive and exquisite carving appears in various places on the front porch and side entrance.  At the north side of the house is a porte-cochere where carriages could arrive safe from the elements.  In a gable peak of the facade of the west elevation is a square panel with the monogram, "R McC", honoring the Russell and McClymonds families.

All four elevations of Five Oaks are interesting studies in the eclecticism of the period.  There are Gothic, Tudor, Romanesque and French Renaissance influences in the exterior design.  Sandstone from the Everhard Stone Quarry at the northwest edge of Massillon was used for the exterior of Five Oaks.  As many a 40 to 50 skilled stone masons worked on the house, receiving $1.50 for ten hours of work.